Unique Soy Wax Candles That Relax, Inspire And Feed The Mind.

Aether Essences Nyx Twin Soy Wax Candle Pack


Refreshing Australia With Scented Candles One Home At A Time.

Our mission is to make australia smell as good as it looks. Treat your home like your haven and wake up to the fresh scent of cocolime. Learn more about our entire collection of Soy Candles and see why we’re Sydney’s best candles.

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More than Just Candles – Diffusers, Accessories and Oils.

We know what it takes to make your home, smell like an oasis. When you don’t have time to light a candle through the day, simply open up one of our diffusers, ready to make you feel welcomed at home.

Nyx Soy Wax Candles


Coconut Lime – An Escape To The Tropics.

Escape to the tropics with our featured scent of the month – Coconut Lime. Inspired by the South East of Asia and made with 100% locally sourced soy wax, our coconut lime fills your home with the fresh scent. For more fragrances, have a look at our scented soy candles.

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Your Candles Are Handcrafted By Us

Created just for you, each of our soy wax candles are made the old fashion way – with tender loving care. Our passion for fragrance allows us to create the most elegant scents for any home, office, function and every one to enjoy.

We take pride in being 100% Australian-made in Sydney using locally sourced ingredients to support our growing community.

We know you’ll love the scent as it fills your home, transcending you to a new level of freshness with our Coconut lime, or soothes with our Camelia Lotus and French Vanilla Bourbon range.

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