About Candice Lim

ÆTHER Essences is founded by Sydney born Candice Lim. Having started in November 2016, Candice has had a passion for all things home decor and living.

A new world traveler and lover of all things sweet, Candice brings her art into luxury candle making for homes and offices around the country with her signature ÆTHER fragrances.

What started as crafting candle gifts for friends, Candice has transformed Aether Essences into Australia’s leading handmade candle business for all Australians to enjoy. Her personal favorite is Champagne Strawberries.

Candice Lim

The ÆTHER Mission

Enchanted by a love of Greek mythology, the spark of “ÆTHER” was born from Erebus (Darkness) and Nyx (Night). Ironically, ÆTHER by name means “Light” but he was better known as the Greek God of the Upper Atmosphere. He was the guardian of the divine air only the ancient gods breathed. It was heavenly and distinct from the air mere mortals would breathe. Inspired by Aether and what he represents, thus ÆTHER ESSENCES was born.

Our mission is to capture a bit of that mystical air to deliver high quality and lusciously scented products. Each candle embodies the divine essence of ÆTHER to bestow a bright light that releases a magical scent and transcends the darkness of night to embrace you. Whether you want to relax or be invigorated, we’ll find a fragrance to match the moods and memories you love to reignite.

Proudly Australian, we support local suppliers and intimately hand pour every single candle with the essence of ÆTHER. 

aether essences candles

We’d love to get to know you so if you have any suggestions, feedback or simply want to share an experience about your candles, tell us your story. This will only continue to motivate us to give light to new creations as we share your passion for scented candles.