Tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your new candles. Just like you, we need a bit of TLC. 

Special Instructions For Our First Time

For our first burn, allow enough time to let the candle burn evenly to the edge of the container. Some believe that your candle has a burn memory. Others don’t. From our own testing, we find the first burn sets the precedence for future burns. Whilst it may be superstition, we find this one is worth following for optimal performance.

As a general rule, do not burn a candle for more than 3-4hours in a single sitting. 

Tilt our jars slightly for an easier angle to light up your new candles.

Triple Scented Candles

Commonly used term for marketing purposes. Some even say it’s a gimic! It simply means that a candle has been scented to the maximum percentage of fragrance recommended for soy waxes. Whilst we do not refer to our candles as triple scented, we take the greatest care in our testing to ensure we add the highest percentage of fragrance to enhance performance without compromising the safety of our customers. 

Keep Us Trimmed


Trim your wicks for safety and to prolong the life of your candle. In doing so, this will avoid any “mushrooming” effects and potential fire hazards. Trim to approximately 5mm to help you control the flame at a consistent size and keep an even burn. Avoid bits of the burnt wick falling into your candle that can cause discoloration. 

For double wicked items, please keep both wicks burning evenly at each use for optimal performance. If not, we will become uneven.

Like the Katy Perry song - We're Hot & We're Cold

We’re heat sensitive. For obvious reasons, do not burn us unattended. Keep us away from draughts, or heated areas. We burn fine on our own and don’t need the extra help. We don’t want to burn the house down so please keep out of reach of children and do not leave us unattended.

Frosting. Because we use natural soy waxes, it will be normal for us to get a little frosty. Frosting is a property of soy wax and does not take away from how well we burn or release our scents. This is generally more visible in clear jars but aren’t as noticeable given our choices in containers. You may notice it on the surface but this does not take away from our performance. We promise!

And sometimes, we just get wet!

Wet spots. These are also not as noticeable in our ranges but for the experienced candlers, you may notice wet spots when burning in clear jars. This is down to the cooling temperature of the wax and adhesion to the glass. As the wax cools down and contracts, it pulls away from the glass creating what is known as a “wet spot” – oops! Again, this doesn’t affect performance and not as visible in our range but for those who like to stay in the know – does that make scents? (LOL)